Saturday, June 9, 2007


The man has arrived. The man in brown that is! And brought me a box of brand new toys. I thought I would share them with you before they become scattered all over my studio. Unfortunately I don't have time today to do anything with my new toys, maybe Monday I can make something wonderful with them. But now I have to go be a grown up. I have an adoption event to speak at, house work that needs to be done, a child with 4 lacrosse games this weekend (in Oswego of all place) and another child that need to be picked up from his summer job 40 miles in the opposite direction (in Moravia).


Julesiana said...

Thanks Debi!
There is now drool all over my keyboard!!

Have fun--make cool stuff!!

Anonymous said...

i haven't made my pre-order yet. can you believe it???

btw, i'm so happy i stumbled upon your blog. you have beautiful work and we have a few things in common. foster parents as well as both su demos!

nice to meet you!

Markie's Mom said...

Boy, I'm jealous! LOL!

Stampin' Project Junkie! said...

Ohhh la la!! looks like your going to have having fun!!! Whooa!!!