a visit to the zoo

Today instead of stamping I took my kids to the zoo. We have a fabulous zoo here in Syracuse, NY and it is one of my favorite places to go. We have not been since last summer and today was a perfect day to go. The kids favorite things at the zoo are the elephants (of course) and the penguins. We saw Indy the male elephant today. We don't usually get to see him, so that was a treat. It was feeding time for the penguins. They are all hand fed. The kids really enjoyed watching the penguins begging and diving for fish. The bears enclosure is currently being worked on so they were not out but the Tamarin Golden Monkey just had twin babies last week so that was a real treat. We had a wonderful time.
Jessika checking out the fish tanks.

Manny liked the shark.

The penguins...


Great pics.....looks like everyone had a great time :)
Anonymous said…
Your family is just gorgeous, Debi. You should be so proud of them!!!
Billie said…
WOW outstanding photos!! so nice and lovely children

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