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a time for changes and reflection...

What feels like a million years ago I started this blog to showcase my cards and scrapbook pages. Then life with 5 kids, work and exhaustion left little time for creativity or blogging.  Things are a little different now of course, the baby is heading off to college in the fall, I’m retiring in about 10 weeks, and Jeff and I are looking forward to time for us. But there are things I need to address first. The past year, living through a global pandemic and all its difficulties, has thrown a huge spotlight on what a hot mess I truly am.  I’ve been dealing with autoimmune issues since my 20s. Now in my 50s my weight has crept up, my heart has been affected as well my mobility and the sadness can be overwhelming.  So I’m on a mission to wade through the darkness, simplify my life and rediscover the person I was born to be.