My friend Jules (check out her blog Stampin with Inky Fingers) has tagged me and I am to share 7 random things about myself and then tag 3 other bloggers, so here goes...

Seven random things about myself:

1. In my mid twenties I started a list of things to do before I die. I add to the list periodically and have managed to check off a good portion of the list. Some of the thing on the list will have to wait until my children are older of course but I find that it helps me keep an eye on my goals and not get overwhelmed by the day to day business of raising children.

2. I got married as a teenager to the same man I took to my senior prom. We are still married after nearly 22 years and hey we even still like each other. I am very blessed that his strengths are my weaknesses and the same applies in the opposite diretion. He is very soft hearted about children, probably because of his job in law enforcement, which is a major reason for our foster parenting and large family. He is also the only person I have ever met that could return from work in the evening to find out that his family size has double and not even blink an eye.

3. I hate shoes. I know I must be one of the only women on the planet that feels that way. But I just do. Flip flops and sneakers are about all I can manage to force onto my feet. Barefoot all the way.

4. I have twice donated my hair to Locks of Love. The last time was a 15 inch braid. My daughter Jessika has also donated. At the age of 5 she gave 12 inches.

5. The most fun job I ever had was working for a florist.

6. My left ear is pierced twice but my right ear is only pierced once. At the age of 15 my at the time best friend and I lied about our age and shared a pair of earrings. I still think of her every time I change my earrings.

7. I spent my 40th birthday at Disney World celebrating the adoption of two of my children. We were also able to reunite them with one of their biological siblings that day.

Now to tag three (okay I guess it is supposed to be seven but I never was one to follow the rules) others...

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