Great News!

Hi everybody. No stamping today but I have fabulous news. Our foster daughter Ellie was freed yesterday for adoption and we will begin adoption proceedings as soon as possible. We are thrilled beyond belief with this news and praise God for the blessings he has bestowed upon us. Having Ellie join us permanently is something we have only been able to dream about for the last several years since we took adoptive placement and then adopted two of her siblings. We are thankful for caring caseworkers that made reuniting these siblings a priority, a wise judge that truly was mindful of what was best for Ellie, and a loving God that has blessed us beyond measure.

We also finally have our certificate of occupancy on the large addition on our house (a work in progress for 5 long years) and are busy finally, permanently moving into it. Also the lumber was just delivered to start our last major project, turning our old garage into a huge family room. Hopefully by Monday I will have my office straighten out and the chaos under control so I can get back to my usual, crazy life.


Leslie Knox said…
What a wonderful early Christmas present for your family!!!
Anonymous said…
A gracious God indeed! And the gift is Ellie's even more so! My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were adopted by my in-laws, from a large family that was neglected. Granted, heredity is an enormous portion of it, and they had their hard times, but they straightened up, and of the whole family, these are two of the only three (of 8!) that have succeeded in life! My in-laws sent them to a Christian day school, kept them in a loving home, and kept them contributing to the family. Rather than babying them, they were working on the farm right along side the 'birth children'. Ellie is blessed, even as much as you! Congratulations! And may I say, Praise God (!) there are people like you in this world. We need more of 'em!

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