double tagged...

I have gotten tagged twice in one day. The first tag was by Deborah one of my online Splitcoast friends and you can view her blog beadn' & stampin' here.I have done this a couple of times before so I am likely to repeat myself.

1. I am a avid reader. I have easily read over 5000 books. We have bookcases in every room or our house with the exception of the bathrooms, we even have them in the hallways. One year in my early married days when I was working days and my hubby was working nights I read 407 books that year. I no longer keep track but I easily average 3 books a week. If I read more then that my household starts to decay.

2. I have 3 cats. One crabby calico old lady who insists on sleep with me every night and if she feels that I am not in bed at an appropriate hours will remind me, repeatedly until I comply and head off to bed. One very fat tuxedo cat. He is of course very handsome because every man looks good in a tux right? And one little gray baby boy (though he isn't a baby any more since he is nearly two and the longest cat I have ever seen) who moved into our garage as a tiny kitten and would not leave. We had to tame him and bring him in right?

3. I have a plan... I always have a plan. I am one of those sick people that have a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan and a 10 year plan. I know it is just wrong but I can't help myself.

4. I was too lazy to cook dinner tonight so I ordered pizza. Then told me kids that it was to celebrate DS#2's last final exam but the truth was I was to lazy to cook. Best part is we actually have a pizza place that will deliver to our house so I didn't even have to go get it. How is that for lazy?

5. There are only 35 days until I leave to go to Salt Lake City for my very first Stampin' Up! convention. Can't wait...

6. I secretly covet Vera Bradley handbags, though I only own two...

7. I love movies. All movies but especially anything Science Fiction, historical dramas, suspenseful mysteries or the ones where things get blown up every other minute. The more action the better. Love Netflix! I always have a list a mile long of movies that I want to see.

and the second tag is from my friend Angel, you can view her blog Angel's World here.

I am going to cheat and double tag a couple of people:

Jules she just moved so it may take her a while


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